Advice for your Toyota Service & Maintenance Schedule

If you are a Toyota owner in Gauteng, then you know that your vehicle has been built by an automaker with a reputation for quality and reliability. You can depend on The German Workshop for all of your Toyota needs...

Why is it important for regular Toyota services?

We have listed just a few of the services that are essential to have done on a consistent basis and the reason why:

  • Oil Changes – Getting your oil changed on time is critical to keep your engine running in good condition and preventing it from overheating or even worse blowing a gasket.

  • Brake Checks – This is important because damaged brakes could result in damaged discs and put you and those around you in danger.

  • Fluid Changes – Fluid changes make your Toyota last allot longer. The fluids chemicals break down over time and these fluids are exposed to some very high temperatures in the engine, and high pressures in the transmission, which too has an effect on their execution. If you don’t change your fluids, it’s going to start to break down and fail, and that’s going to cause a variety of different expensive mechanical issues.

  • Tire Rotations – Your tires should be rotated with some regularity in order to ensure an even tread surface. This helps optimize performance and give a longer lifespan to the tires themselves.

Suggested Service Intervals List

Make sure your Toyota vehicle continues to operate at the highest level with our suggested service interval list:

  • Every 4800 - 18000 kilometers: oil changes, filter changes, fluid checks

  • Every 24000 - 48000 kilometers: air filter replacements, battery inspection, power steering fluid, coolant and radiator checks, HVAC check, brake pads, suspension

  • Every 56000 - 80000 kilometers: battery inspection, spark plug and wires, ignition system, suspension

  • Every 95000 kilometers: radiator hoses, brake pad replacement, engine coolant, belts

Why Should I Choose to service my Toyota at The German Workshop in Edenvale, Gauteng?

When you bring your vehicle in for a service at The German Workshop, you’ll be able to count on our management and staff for all your service needs. We have been servicing cars since 1988 and are proud of each and every car we have maintained or repaired. Our rates are affordable and we are an approved repair shop with most mechanical breakdown insurances. Our dealership is conveniently located at 15 Terrace Road, Sebenza, Edenvale in Gauteng. Contact us on +27 11 609 9936 with any Toyota questions.

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